In this article, a man talks about his sister, who has struggled with mental health issues. He than follows by interviewing his sister, and including the questions and answers in his post. He asks his sister some tough questions about life, and how she deals with having a mental illness. This women was absolutely inspiring! The answers she gave were filled with an exuberance for life, a positive outlook, encouragement for others, and confidence. Additionally, the women offers practical suggestions that can actually realistically be applied in one’s life. The whole article was accentuated by what seemed to be genuine compassion and empathy for others. I was very touched by this woman’s strength and determination.


“Part of growing is going through painful transitions and messing up a bit.”


Dasha Radovanovic is my older sister and best friend. Hearing of her battle with mental health over many years is difficult and saddening, but above all it inspires in me immense pride and respect. Largely independently, she has reached a place of mental and physical stability, which she constantly works towards in every life aspect.

This interview is conducted as the first in a series of articles aiming to enlighten stories as well as strategies related to mental health.


When did you first understand that you were depressed and anxious?

I knew something was wrong years ago, but I didn’t have any labels to put on it like ‘anxiety’ or ‘depression’. I was about fourteen or fifteen and for various reasons I’d been self harming and binge eating for a while. I started drinking and smoking…

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