I came across a series of cartoons today that, while cute, spread an important message about depression.  The cartoons, in a lighthearted way, are saying that if you have major depressive disorder (MDD), you may have to explain your symptoms to your loved ones.  In other words, you can’t expect them to just understand how you feel, if you don’t explain.  Additionally, the cartoons are designed in a way that they can also be helpful to those without depression. The cartoons depict what it’s like for someone who is living with “it” (depression) daily.  Below are a few of the cartoons….no further explanation is needed.  Hope they are helpful.

Lighter Blue

lighter blue 3

lighter blue 5lighter blue 6

Lighter Blue 9

lighter blue 19

lighter blue 21

lighter blue 14

lighter blue 22lighter blue 11


(Cartoon credit must be given to the amazing “Lighter Blue”) !


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