All of this is so true. There are so many reasons a person may act the way they do, that have absolutely nothing to do with you or me. Depression can cause a person to express anger. As the article says, the desire to manipulate (narcissistic personalities) can affect the way a person treats you. Even just simple misinterpretation can make us think we have been mistreated. This was a good short article with an important message.

Use Your Damn Skills


Most of the time, we’re overconcerned with how others treat us.

We’re strongly insistent that others in our life treat us with respect, that they’re nice to us, that they’re accepting of us.

We tend to get very agitated when people treat us with disrespect, when they’re not nice to us, and when they reject us.

Make no mistake, I certainly prefer when other people are cool to me. I certainly hold being nice to and respectful toward other people as an important tent in my own moral and ethical code. I believe the world would be a much better place if everyone was awesome to each other, both in the big picture and on individual, daily levels.

But the fact is, the world is often not cool to us.

Even more uncool: people who, by rights, “should” be cool to us…often aren’t.

Even if we’re cool to them, people…

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