Information about Hallucinogenic Mushrooms:

  • The hallucinogenic variety of mushrooms contain psilocybin produces which is the active ingredient that induces hallucinogenic effects.
  • Hallucinations are defined as: false sensory perceptions.
  • The average amount of mushrooms ingested, in one setting, is 2 to 4 mushrooms. This amount usually leads to intoxication that lasts approximately 5 to 6 hours (Schwartz & Smith 1988).
  • A process called “micro-dosing” is practiced by some users of these substances.  Micro-dosing involves ingesting an amount that is very small, of a hallucinogenic substance, such as LSD or psilocybin.  The amount is so small that it does not generally produce the traditional psychedelic effects.  The practice of micro-dosing is sometimes participated in by athletes who claim that it improves their athletic abilities.  In addition, some researchers have experimented with the idea that this practice can improve a individuals mood and/or more specific ailments such as headaches and depression.  This information was published in MAPS Bulletin, which is put out by a group of researchers who focus on the study of psychedelics such as MDMA, marijuana, psilocybin, and similar hallucinogenics.  They are currently not backed by government agencies, however, they state that the goal of their research is to generate information about these drugs, with the goal of gaining the government’s approval for certain uses that they believe to be beneficial  (MAPS, 2017).

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Resources for help:

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug addiction.  Please reach out for help.


Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies [MAPS]. (2017). Retrieved from

Schwartz, R. & Smith, D. (1988). Hallucinogenic mushrooms.  Clinical Pediatrics. Feb;27(2): p. 70-73.  DOI: 10.1177/000992288802700202

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